The New Singles Board Program for the NW Dallas APA will be as follows  This program enables you to qualify for the Single Regionals Tournament without disrupting your current schedule. 
The Singles Boards will be held on your regular night of play and it will be a scheduled event for the divisions that have a bye in them.  You will be able to identify these specific nights by viewing the schedule. A singles board can be played with as little as 4 or up to 8 players of varying skill levels. Each player must have 10 matches played in the format you are playing in order to participate on the board.  You will not be required to run the board but if you do I will reduce the cost of the board from the normal $160 to $140, if you win the board you will advance to the Regional Singles Tournament.  Once you advance to the Regional playoffs you will have the opportunity to win a trip to Las Vegas and compete at the National level. 
So your division doesn't have a bye and you would like to get someone on your team qualified for the Regional Singles Tournament. Contact the league office and I will send out a board so you can run it with your team or other teams.  If you have any questions about this program please contact the league office.

Spring 13 Regional Winners:

Richard Chinan 1st skill level 6 &  Henry Pugsley Runner Up skill level 4.