A Guide To Avoiding Pool Team Meltdown

 NW Dallas County APA Stats

Monday Night 8-Ball
Tuesday Night Masters
Pool Wizards Div 221
Saturday Morning Juniors 9 Ball 
Baby Sharks Div 051

 Sunday Once A Month Ladies 8-Ball
         Schedule           Matches Played 

 Summer Playoff's

 Division 671                                              Division 411
1st Side Shots                                            1st Danger Zone
Latino 8's vs We're Solids right?                    International 8 Ballers vs Balls To The Wall
                                                                  Str8 Ballers vs  Pool Hall Drunkies
 Division 413                                                Division 414
1st The Strokers                                          1st The Grand Warriors   
Breaking Point  vs Evolution Billiards             The Crew vs The Wrecking Crew
Division 221                                                Division 431
1st The Young & The Rackless                     1st A Runout is Coming  
Cue Dawg's vs One More Shot of Scratch       Lucky Shots vs KAPPA's Team
                                                               3    rd Racketeers vs 4th Always Late
Division 031                                                Division 432
1st Lucky Strokes                                        1st Vu-Tan Clan
2nd A Runout is coming vs KAPPA's Team    2nd Q~Stix vs Beetlejuice
3rd Always Late vs 4th Bi-Pooler                   3rd The Los Diablo's vs Majik8
Division 041                                                 Division 551
1st BYTE ME                                               1st Rock Out With Your Chalk Out vs Wakiki KAPPA's
2nd Kuless vs Pocket Pickers                       2nd Shark's vs 3rd Pineapple Express
3rd Tater's Tots vs 4th Fu Mancue 
 Summer 16 Top Gun 

Spring 16 Top Gun 

    The APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship