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 NW Dallas County APA Stats

Tuesday Night Masters
Pool Wizards Div 221

 Sunday Once A Month Ladies 8-Ball
         Schedule           Matches Played 

Summer 18 Playoff's

Division 411 
1st Breaking Point
Termin8ors vs Hole In One
Div 413
1st We'er Still Working on It
Gryder's Chalk & Awe vs The Ducks
Division 414
1st Rack'em
The Crew vs Night Riders
Division 221
1st Stroke of Genius
2nd  Storm vs BC Dallas 
Division 431
1st The Chalking Dead
The Misfits vs The Racketeers
431 Top Gun 
Taylor Gage
Chouie Almora
Stephen Taylor 
Division 432
Breaking Racks & Hearts vs Cliffhangers 
432 Top Gun
Elinor Mantel
Isabella Mantel
Gokul Ganesh 
Division 031 
1st The Chalking Dead
2nd The Misfits vs PHD 2.0 
031 Top Gun
Taylor Gage 
Steve Lo
Stephen Taylor
Division 032 
Charles' Angles vs Cheap Shot 
032 Top Gun
Jennifer Quin
Brendan Fuller
Dennis Hall 
Division 041
1st Outlaw Mavericks
 Byte Me vs Kueless 
041 Top Gun 
Sherri Champman
Bryan Mullen 
Aaron Farnsworth
Division 551 
1st 8-Ball Legends
Pineapple Express vs Rock Out With Your Chalk Out
551 Top Gun
Lena Pavlova
Keith Prim
Drew Dimatos  

Summer 18 Top Gun Reports