A Guide To Avoiding Pool Team Meltdown

 NW Dallas County APA Stats

Tuesday Night Masters
Pool Wizards Div 221

 Sunday Once A Month Ladies 8-Ball
         Schedule           Matches Played 

Summer Playoff's 

Division 411                                                             Division 413 
Division Champions Rack'em Willy!                         Division Champions Chalk Too Much
2nd Str8 Ballers vs WC 8-Ball Busters                     2nd OK Corralls vs WC Wake & Break
3rd Who's Next vs 4th The rebel Alliance                 3rd Breaking Point vs 4th Puck'r Up
Division 414                                                              Divsion 221
Division Champions The Crew                                  Division Champions Cue Dawgs
2nd 8-Balls of Fire vs WC She Calls The Shots        2nd Storm vs WC Roll Control
3rd The Grand Warriors vs 4th Suh Dude                 3rd BC Dallas vs 4th One More Shot of Scratch
 Division 432                                                             Division 431
Division Champions Cliffhangers                               Division Champions Racketeers
2nd Q~Stix vs WC Vu-Tang Clan                              2nd Pool Hall Drunkies vs WC Always Late        
3rd Step Up vs 4th Beetlejuice                                  3rd The Misfits vs 4th A Runout Is Coming
Division 031                                                              Division 042
Division Champions Knight Express                          Division Champions BYTE ME
2nd A Runout is Coming vs WC Always Late            2nd Slop Counts vs WC Me & The Boys
3rd The Misfits vs 4th Got Stick?                               3rd Pocket Pickers vs 4th Kuless

 Summer Top Gun Reports