A Guide To Avoiding Pool Team Meltdown

 NW Dallas County APA Stats

Tuesday Night Masters
Pool Wizards Div 221
Saturday Morning Juniors 9 Ball 
Baby Sharks Div 051
Dallas Diva's Div 571

Spring 14 Playoff's 

Division 411 Division Champions                  Division 413 Division Champions
1st Evolution Billiards                                   1st The Rebel Alliance
2nd OMG Canvas vs WC                                 2nd 8-Ball Annihilators vs WC
3rd Us Off vs WC                                            3rd Annihilators Inc. vs Breaking Point
4th Eight Ballin vs 6th Honey Badgers
5th Str8 Ballers vs 7th Who's Next                    Division 221 Division Champions
                                                                      1st Combo Nations 
Division 414: Division Champions                  2nd The Young & The Rackless vs WC
1st Just The Tip:                                            3rd Usual Suspects vs Storm                             
2nd Thing 2 vs WC
3rd Chalk Is Cheap vs 4th Spirit Grille                
Division 421                                                   Division 423 Division Champions
1st Dallas Cobras has 1st wk bye                     1st Hungry Hungry Hippos
2nd Broken Cues vs WC                                   2nd Hawley's Hustlers vs WC
                                                                      3rd Q~Stix vs Beetleguese
Division 431: Division Champions
1st KAPPA's Team                                         Division 031 Division Champions 
2nd Find A Nut vs WC                                     1st Victorious Secret
3rd Bearfield's vs Collateral Damage                  2nd Permission to Run 9 Out vs WC
                                                                      3rd Blue English vs 4th Bearfield's 
Division 041: Division Champions
1st Crossed Cues
2nd Kueless vs WC
3rd Shot Callers vs Fu Mancue 

Spring 14 Top Gun