2021 NW Dallas APA World Qualifier


Wizard's Sports Cafe

747 S. Central Expressway,  Richardson, TX.

9-Ball June 19-20, 2021

1st Round Matches 9-Ball

Masters June 19, 2021  

Ladies 8-Ball June 20, 2021

8-Ball World Qualifier June 26 - 27, 2021

 1st Round Matches 8-Ball
Wizard's Sports Cafe
747 S Central Expressway, Richardson, TX.  


 Both weekends are non-smoking events; doors open at 9:00 AM

Captain's meeting at 9:45 AM
1st round starts at 10:00 AM
All players must have proper ID to play in the tournament!
FACE MASK are recommended 

Guidelines for player skill level certification

  Each player’s HIGHEST SKILL LEVEL is the highest of the following:

(1) the skill level that the player and the Team believe represents the player’s best pool playing ability,
(2) the player’s highest APA assigned skill level in any APA League area in which the player currently plays,
(3) the player’s session-ending skill level in the session in which the Team qualified for this Tournament,
(4) the player’s highest session-ending skill level in any session after the session in which the Team qualified for this Tournament,
(5) the skill level assigned to the player by a Handicap Advisory Committee for a Local League, or APA’s Handicap Review Committee (the “HRC”),
(6) the skill level assigned to the player during any prior Higher Level Tournament (including any prior National Singles Championships, National Team Championships, Poolplayer Championships, or World Pool Championships) or Higher Level Tournament qualifier (except in the rare circumstance in which APA has granted a previously requested exception submitted by the League Operator of a Local League in which the affected player has played).